Foundation Repair


Mason Grady Foundations offers several technologies for stabilizing/lifting foundations or retrofitting existing foundations to increase load capabilities. Helical Piers and Helical Micropiles can be installed to resist compression, lateral loads and tension. Additionally, ATLAS™ Resistance Piers are used to restore and/or stabilize homes as well as commercial and industrial structures that have settled due to a wide variety of soil problems.

These deep foundation technologies can be installed in tight access low headroom sites on the interior and exterior of structures as well as open access sites. The pier installation is unaffected by expansive soils, deleterious soils, and ground water.


  • Seismic load upgrading for foundations
  • Increased load capabilities for existing structures (vertical addition to structures)
  • Retrofit and stabilization of structures
  • Realignment of structures


Retaining/Basement Walls

If your retaining/basement walls are beginning to bow, crack or allow water intrusion, the cause is likely due to changes in soil pressure and are a common sign of foundation failure. Failing basement walls can severely compromise the integrity of the structure resting on top of them. Failing retaining walls can also lead to serious issues. Wall Anchors are the preferred method in the repair of basement walls, while Helical Tiebacks are recommended for the repair of retaining walls.